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  1. lh511k0j4@yahoo.com

    What a great message. SO important and one that is critical to our faith and our success on the battleground of life!! I often immediately crumble into a ball of “OH NO! How on earth will I get through this???” And then God whispers a reminder that it’s really not about mei;8230#&t’s always about Him.

  2. gt7kjdzxon@hotmail.com

    if we in the west ie deeircacoms dont wake up to all these extremist assholes the muslims the vast majority i beleive are anti everyone but their own twisted sick neolithic views i beleive that if any other community suffered as the jews have they would have every rigth to protect themselfs from another holocaust and you are the only people standing up to the zealots if only goverments did likewise in the west intolerance is a two way street unless of course your a muslim.

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